Rules of game servers

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    Rules of game servers

    Prohibited :
    1. Do not sell or buy items for real money (RMT)
    2. It is forbidden to use third-party software on the server
    3. It is forbidden to use names and their variations: Administrator, Admin, GM
    4. It is forbidden to use the names of the characters humiliating other players or including not normative lexicon, and also deliberate use of others ' names.
    5. It is forbidden to arrange the distribution of game values.
    6. Prohibited paid pumping characters for real money
    7. Sale of accounts for real money, game currency or virtual units of payment systems is prohibited.
    8. Unauthorized access to the accounts of other players is prohibited.
    9. Prohibited to steal accounts and items of the game world.
    10. Prohibited any kind of fraud and deception of other players in order to get their game/non-game values.
    11. Prohibited obstacle to the player in the form of restrictions on movement with the help of other players.
    12. It is forbidden to insult the administrator/moderator
    13. Prohibited swear words in the server side
    14. Advertising of third-party projects/resources is prohibited
    15. It is forbidden to exchange items for items in other games
    16. Banned 69 on the epic
    The penalty for failure to comply with the rules is chosen at the discretion of the server administrator.
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